In view of the current COVID-19 situation as well as Governmental restrictions put in place, Companies and Organisations have not been able to organise and host on-site events until further notice.

This has in-turn revolutionised the event management sector with events now being moved and hosted online.

The response to this shift has been positive as companies are keen to continue engaging and motivating their employees, as well as their family members, in the midst of this pandemic.

Types of Event

Several type of events are feasible to be held online, such as:

– Family Engagement Carnivals
– Awards & Appreciation Gala
– Community & Grassroot
– Branding & Marketing
– Live Streaming Engagements

Selecting A Hosting Platform

When selecting an online event hosting platform, it is important to consider these factors:

– Maximum Number of Participants
– Ease of Connectivity
– Flexibility of Participation (Active/Passive)